TRF Run Leading

Some of the instructions below are especially written for when you take out new riders or riders that you have not ridden with before. You may be taking riders out with a very limited knowledge of trail riding, so it’s best to be on the safe side.

· Planning Your Route & Organising Your Run

· Plan a circular route. You don’t want a lot of road riding back to the starting point.

· Plan a route that can easily be modified. You may get breakdowns, which means you may have to shorten the route. You may also be well ahead of schedule and want to add to the route.

· Take into account the type of run. If it’s an easy run or run for beginners, you will have to make it fairly short, with lots of rest breaks. Beginners find trail riding very tiring. Make sure the route is not too hard.

· Plan a route with a petrol stop half way through the route. If your not sure where the petrol stations are, ask fellow club members before hand.

· Plan a route with a food & drink stop half way through the route. This may have to be at a petrol station or small shop. Not many areas have suitable places to eat. Some people like to stop at a pub, but this generally takes up a lot of time, & eats into your trail riding time. You will also have to take off & put back on muddy clothing. But can be lovely on a hot summers day!

· Nominate a back marker. A back marker makes life easier.

· What does a back marker do? Stays at the back, as soon as you see him you know everyone is there. Looks after the riders with you. A back marker is generally an experienced rider as well.

· Make sure the back marker knows what to do!

· Carry a map – Even if you know the route backwards. A rider may want to leave the group (for any number of reasons) and you may have to explain how they get back on the normal roads. Also, you may get challenged by another user, you can then show them that you are riding a legal right of way.

· Only 6 riders per run – This not only makes it easier to lead, but causes less conflict with other users.

What To Tell Your Riders Before You Start / Explaining Run Rules. (see note as well)

· Turn your engine off when you meet horses

· Slow down and slowly pass walkers

· Leave gates as you found them

· Do not ride to close to the rider in front

· At all junctions; check that the rider is behind you. If you cannot see him, wait for him. Do not turn off without the rider behind you seeing where you turned.

· If you get lost from the main group or you are still waiting for the rider behind you. Stop and wait for the run leader or another rider to come and get you. Do not try to guess where they went.

· Give new riders tips. A lot of new riders have no idea. Explain about looking ahead, standing up, & keeping up the momentum. Note: If you know and trust the riders then you will probably not tell them the above. However if they are new riders or you have not ridden with them, you should go over the above before you start the run.

On the Run:

· Do not go fast, especially on bends, and popular/built up areas.

· Give trail tips to beginners or newer riders. When your having a rest break or before a particular type of terrain.

· Major turnings. Wait until all the group is with you before carrying on.

· Ensure that the group is all there. If all the riders aren’t with you, go back to find them. They should wait at the last point they saw you.

· Regular short breaks for beginners. Beginners get tired quickly, make sure you give them regular short breaks.

· Schedule a petrol, food and drink stop.

· Keep an eye on the petrol. Some may have thirsty bikes.

· Follow the TRF code of conduct. Shut gates, turn engine off for horses etc.

Have Fun!