About Us

The Loddon Vale Group started in 1980 as an offshoot of the Thames Valley Group, which was one of the original TRF groups from the 1970’s. We now have about 60 members within our catchment and we meet monthly (on the second Thursday) at the Inn on the Park in Woodley on the outskirts of Reading (map ref: 175 / 762737).

These are informal gatherings with a loose agenda to plan our next run, keep an eye on local rights of way matters, have a drink and chat over anything to do with trail riding. When you go to your first meeting, make sure you introduce yourself as a new member so people can look after you. Getting advice from other members is one of the great benefits of being in the TRF. It is freely given in our Group to help you choose a new bike or accessories, your riding kit or what you should take with you when you ride. You will also find members are happy to pass-on the benefit of their experience to help you improve your riding and navigation skills. Have a chat with a few members, or via the Yahoo forum before major purchases such as a bike and tyres.

The Loddon Vale Group also puts a lot of work into making sure we can continue to ride the green lanes in our area.