Choosing a trail bike

We have found from bitter experience that a small (engine capacity) lightweight bike is the most suitable for trailriding, e.g. 2 stroke trail bikes 125cc to 250cc or 4 stroke trail bikes 250cc to 400cc. We have found the following to be good beginner bikes:

4 stroke: Suzuki DRZ400/DR350, KTM250EXC, Honda XR250, Yamaha TTR250, WR250F, XT 225 Serow(ideal for the shorter person). Where possible we recommend an electric start bike.

2 stroke: Honda CRM 250, Yamaha DT125*, Kawasaki KDX200/220
* a little under-powered

We do not recommend converted motocross bikes as they are too powerful and unsuitable for trailriding, nor Big Trail Bikes as they are too powerful and heavy. .

Favourite bikes for newcomers: TTR250, WR250F, CRM250, DR350/400, XR250

Trail Bikes We Know and Love: club members give their opinion on the pros and cons of various bikes they have owned or ridden:

    • Honda XR250R – Ted Lowres
      I like this one – it seems to go anywhere
      Heres what TBM (Trail Bike Magazine) said about the XR250:

Based on the XL250S and 250R with identical frames but more suspension travel. Early monoshock with twin carbs could be a sod to start when ho,t so go for the later single carb model. The XR250 makes a very good all-rounder – light weight and adequate power (30 Hp claimed) makes it perfect for trail riders and clubman enduro riders alike, and tolerable on the road. All Honda 250’s need to be revved hard if you want to get a move on. New ones come with electric start.

Verdict: Popular and versatile trailie

      • XLR250 BAJA

(prounced Ba-Ha, a/c, 4-str, 4-valve, sohc, single)

      This bike is different from the XR250 in many minor ways, and is generally much more difficult to ride.
      Avoid it if you can.

Note the massive dual headlights on this BAJA